Berm Park, Haritha Hotel (APTDC) in Vijayawada, is a superb hotel. In Vijayawada, Berm Park, Haritha Hotel (APTDC) offers online booking and comfortable living. Contact Berm Park, Haritha Hotel (APTDC) in Vijayawada for tariffs.

Welcome to Berm Park, Haritha Hotel (APTDC) , Vijayawada , India

Berm Park, Haritha Hotel (APTDC)

Haritha Berm Park, Vijayawada, located amidst beautiful hills is an ultimate stopover for nature lovers.

The moment you mention Vijaywada to locals, they will talk about beautiful springs, mouthwatering sweets and juicy mangoes. Also, known as Bezawada, this city is located on the banks of Krishna River and overlooks the Bay of Bengal. The Indrakeeladri Hill forms a spectacular backdrop to the city on the west.The name of the city translates to ‘place of victory’ and it holds and important position in South India because it is home to the region’s largest railway junction. The city name has mythological connections, as it is claimed that Arjuna was blessed by Lord Shiva at the top of the Indrakeeladri Hill and after that Arjuna created Vijayawada.

According to another myth, Goddess Durga rested here after killed a demon and that is why the place got its name. Nonetheless, Vijayawada is a veritable paradise for people to learn more about the region’s history and culture. The city is renowned for some beautiful temples, Buddhist shrines and of course, the famous Prakasam Barrage.

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